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. >> remarkable exhibit showcasing the life and legacy of china's first emperor opens tomorrow at the asian art museum in san francisco. it showcases the famous terra cotta warrior statues. here a preview. >> 8,000 terra cotta warriors have been unearthed but this is the only standing general that has been discovered. >> i thought it was interesting looking at faces. they are all different. >> the opening of the exhibit which coincides with the last public appearance before running to china of the counsel general and hopes to strengthen united states and chinese relations and attract more american students to his country. >> how many people from the private sector are enthuse attic about supporting the initiative? >> only a few warriors are visiting the united states, created by artists 2,000 years ago after china's first ever unified the seven warring states and requested a terra cotta army for the after life. there are hundreds of archers but only one with green paint, a military specialist who could, they thought, communicate with the divine. >> a specialists who could predict future battle
lovessers won't get a chance to buy them. >> what does this retired nba star from china have in common with one of the biggest video game makers? answer? they both started their own wineries in napa. yao ming was introduced to red wines at the steakhouses he frequented while playing for the houston rockets. >> we do have a lot of beef over there. and obviously a steak and red wine is very good combo. it's very good for peoples enjoying, enjoy the life with those two. >> kenzo tsujimuto is the head of video game company capcom. he's a long time wine lover and he's been to california on business for some 30 years. >> napa wine, i came to realize that napa produces the best wine in the world and therefore that really made me think of start ago winery. >> a small ryanry rests on a former horse ranch. kenzo estates overlacks the napa valley. dew bought the sprawling 3800-acre property 13 years ago. he spared no invest investing $100 million to build the state of the art winery. he replanted vineyards with the finest grapes on 90 acres and he hired the best people in the business to make his
issues kerry will have to deal with, new accusations china is hacking american companies. scott mcgrew said those accusation are coming from the highest level. >> yeah, good morning. google chairman eric schmidt is going to take china to task in a new book thats he's written. this according to people who have had an early read of it. schmidt will blame china directly for many recent hacks of american businesses, warning china could be the internet's number one enemy, and that the u.s. will be at a disadvantage because american companies can't hack back. it's against american law. early reviewers say schmidt is very direct about his feelings about china. you don't expect that out of high tech companies. they usually coddle their relationship with the chinese. turning to wall street, today's not the day we're going to see any records set. the dow opened at just over 14,000, its highest level since 2007. and had it gained a bit, it would have set records for the highest ever, but today looks like minor losses instead. >>> speaking of losses, we have to eat a bit of crow or raven this
but not in vein. within days tourist from china claimed the cash and drove to leave this note on their door. thanking them for their honesty. >> it was meant for us. i think it was -- somebody else, money wouldn't be turned in. >> reporter: an act of love for a perfect stranger and a valentine's day unlike any other. >> never forget it. >> no. easy to remember. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was scheduled to return to china today. he spoke with the couple and invited them to come and visit him anytime and he said he would put them up there and serve as their personal guide in china. >> i was waiting for the reward part. had to be something there. more than a note. >> reporter: they said they weren't expecting a reward. made them feel good. >> good for them. thank you for that. >>> facebook and google teaming up now to help you live longer. >> giving millions of kls to scientists to -- dollars to scientists who are working on diseases. >> i think our society needs more heroes, scientists, researchers, engineers. you are doing the amazing work. the thin
. former secretary of state mad lynn al bright says she does not think china is a military threat to the united states. all bright spoke in front of a packed floom a forum organized by the common wealth club. i was there to moderate. among the topics the task of reaching peace in the middle east and china's growing presence in the south china sea. >> great many resources in the sea. the chinese are resource hungry. they are climbing -- claiming sovereignty. so are the japanese and vietnamese. >> also she is professor of international real yailations at georgetown university in washington. >> big crowd for that. >> yes. 900 people. >> well. >> love the weather today, too. >> can't beat it. >> a weekend forecast. >> and it's looking fabulous. there are some small change autos a weak system and what that will bring in just a moment. live look as well, checking out our live doppler 7. you'll notice some high clouds are moving in but no rain at this point. san jose you'll notice, it's sunny. the high some areas in the north bay like napa, at the airport mid-60s. are temperatures fallin
's day plans. police tracked the bag to a tour frist china who accidentally left it after the family posed for photos. the officer they specific to was shocked they were turning in the money. >> we turned it in and he said you are very good people and we felt proud of doing it. >> the tourist drove all the way to vallejo to thank them. they were not hope and he left a hand written note and invited them to stay in china and stay at his home and they are considering. >> best arches ever, for the bay area. >> a state agency that cleared out a homeless encampment caused a bigger problem, a giant tenth city that popped up a shirt distance away with homeless people putting up tents near the mineta san jose international airport after caltran made the homeless leave. now the city is doing what the state did not do, shut down the camp and move out the homeless. >> folks are mobile. they will move from place to place but i think we have to pay attention to it because it gets worse if it is nut -- not tended to. >> the site is near public transit and it could budget a magnet if homeless from o
in california state parks. >> reporter: in addition to the historical china camp village, the park has some of the best single track mountain bike trails in the bay area, trails the tamalpais high school mountain bike team train on. >> we weren't allowed to come last year when the park was getting ready to close, rangers just didn't want us >> reporter: but concerned citizens of million dollars to save china camp from closure, money that was matched by another million dollars from state parks. saturday those fund raising groups signed a partnership with the state park system to formalize that matching money, which was part of the undisclosed funds embarassingly discovered nearly two years ago in the state parks funding for three marin county parks to stay open for two and a half years. >> china camp, olompali, and samuel p. taylor. three parks that were on the unless ago. >> reporter: as welcome as those funds may be, state matching funds will not be available in the future and state park officials realize that groups will be essential in saving a park. >> we don't know if that's going to b
, tracking hackers from china in what many in both our government and our private secotor are calling all-out war. after attacks on facebook, google, twitter, "the new york times," coca-cola, and even apple, america, it seems, is in the midst of a cyber war against china. >> this it does seem that these attacks and intrusions are more brazen. >> reporter: mike is a former cyber policy adviser at the defense department. he says our government is threatened along with our personal information and says while the hackers are smart, the bay area tech industry is smarter. >> i think ideally i would like to see the government hooking up with more silicon valley companies. >> reporter: and that's happening inside the security companies like barracuda networks. here they're aware of the threat from china. they say when it comes to protecting your personal data it's a threat they see every hour. >> it happens all the time. it happens from everywhere. china just has the means to cover it up. >> reporter: so the attacks can be more brazen and out in the open which means we know what chinese hackers a
on two u.s. cable networks. >> today is the second day of the new year and the buzz in china is celine, a performance in mandarin on a chinese show. (inaudible lyrics). >> the first performance was a chinese folk song. beautiful when she sang with chinese soprano and she performed "my heart will go on" from the music which made her a household name in china. she sang great. there is no tone with mandarin and that makes it so difficult. there is no tone. no tone. >> we have breaking news making history this morning from the vatican where the spoke is stepping down. >> still no sight of the most wanted man in america, former wanted man in america, former lapd cop with a price tag on [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking n
computers in a flaw in java software. an investigation is underway. >>> china's defense ministry says a report accusing china of hacking attacks on u.s. targets is flawed. in a statement released today, china's military says the report tying the cyber attacks to a secret-chinese military unit working out of this facility in wrong. the defense ministry says merely linking the ip addresses to the facility is not technical proof. >>> 7:49. some california farmers feel line they are being stunned -- stung. >>> the serious reason a sea otter was trained how to slam- dunk. >>> welcome back. a shortage of honey bees threatening california's almond crop. reportedly more than 800,000 acres of almonds are planted all over california. the growers want to cash in the higher sale prices for almonds but they are having a tough time finding bees to pollinate the plants. diseases that reduce the population and out of stay bee croppers face tougher inspections. >>> this is 16-year-old eddie the sea otter, an expert at the slam dunk. >> he's great. >> sees so good, zookeepers say he rarely missing -- h
in a bomb shelter say the new secretary of state, john kerry, is facing serious challenges in asia, china, latin america, and africa. >> part of the world has been heard from and the challenge, really, is trying to figure out what the first things are he will do. >> her book is "prague winter, a personal story of remembrance and war," with more than 1,000 people waiting if three hours to get her autograph. dan ashley will speak with her today in san francisco. >> a message of perseverance is inspirational. >> we are all looking forward to the weekend. with the big lunar new year celebration in redwood city tomorrow downtown, and you will emcee? >> yes, at the family friendly event. >> maybe easier to get there than the one in china town, wherever you go the weather will be great. no need to worry about wet weather. now, you can see live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. no radar returns. sprinkles are possible overnight from this system up to the north, and notice, though, the radar runs from here moving west to east rather than north to south and it will slide down the tail end of the cold f
of people also turned out for the 24th annual china town community fair in honor of the chinese new year, they enjoyed the taste, sights, and sounds of san francisco's china town. the fair continues tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so you have time to celebrate the year of the snake. you can get a photo with a dragon from tonight's parade. >>> this week's crane accident is not putting construction on the new portion of the bay bridge off schedule. what is happening now to make sure the work stays on time. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, what c >>> a new crane is going to pick up where the toppled bay bridge crane left off. what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it toppled over. that metal piece was part of the bridge's temporary support structure. nobody was injured and the bridge wasn't damaged. the incident will not delay the labor day weekend of the new eastern span. >>> it was moth balls for years just after being completed. thanks to new funding, a library is finally open. dozens of people turned out for a communi
in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. >>> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of us feel facebook fatigue. >> and download the ktvu app, click on the icon and watch all of our newscasts live. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from a white audi near keller. officers pulled the car over and made one arrest. the driver of that car raced off again fin
francisco tonight as they prepare to reopen a trade office in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. >>> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from
breaking. this is not the first rumor, it was reported in china that it would have a 1.5" display and apple has not commented. >> you need good eyesight to see that or maybe some sun would help. >> is that like a dick tracy? >> i was thinking the same thing. >> nice. >> that was 40 years ago? >> oh, my. thank you for that. >> stating that the technology, our ability to get...let's go outside before i get if more trouble. auditioning the hole. >> look at scott, scott would do that he likes to put us in the situation and watch us fizzle. we are looking down from our east bay hills camera through emeryville back to san francisco. live doppler 7 hd shows the radar and the satellite with a lack of radar return and off to a dry start but there is frost inland so want out for that. maybe some folks have the day off and going to head to the golf course. you may have to tee off an hour later so the frost can melt. you can see all the way to coast it is quiet. now, a look at the temperatures i updated at 5:00, frosty around santa rosa and 32 and a load of mid-30's inland, to 40's around fairfield, an
for a crackdown on china to stop its cyberattacks against the u.s. a report blamed the chinese mystery for stealing information from government agencies. today, congressman mike rogers of alabama called for the indictment of chinese hackers and for sanctions. he says china is not facing consequences. >> they use their military and intelligence structure to steal intellectual property from american businesses and european businesses and asian businesses, repurpose it, and then compete in the national market against the united states. >> china denies any wrongdoing. >>> back to our continuing coverage on the selection of a new pope. cardinal peter turkson of ghana is considered one of the top contenders. one book maker has him as the favorite. if he is selected, he would be the first black pope and a rare non-european. new york physician dr. joe marada is a friend of his. >> he has told me that i need to understand that the church is thousands of years old, that change and adoption of new ideas in the church, by necessity, takes place very, very slowly. >> turkson is the president of the
tourist. the landeros didn't get a reward, but the owner did promise to show them around china if they visit there. >>> there is a push underway to put a mom in that seat. heather holmes is live now in the city's sunset district to tell us who is applying the mommy pressure. >> reporter: julie, it's a top official with the san francisco democratic party. she drafted this resolution, urging the mayor to select a mother. a woman who may spend lots of time here at the playground, or library, but who can also bring a unique voice. sunset residents will soon be finding out who will be fighting for them. the district for position became available last month, mayor lee selected carmen sue to special reporter. since then there's been a lot of political intrigue over her replacement. she says the appointment could help stop the exodus of families. >> i think that a mother's voice on the board of supervisors would probably lead to more family friendly policies, legislation that would make it easier for families to stay in san francisco. >> reporter: the 11 member board is a diverse group
to a report that china is involved in ongoing plots to hack u.s. industry. the report released today by a u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers are housed in high-rises in and around shanghai. they allegely steal vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. and it appears that this is all being done with the cooperation of the chinese military. >> the united states and china are among the world's largest cyberactors and it is vital that we continue a sustained meaningful dialogue and work together to develop an understanding of acceptable behavior in cyberspace. >> in a new book google's chairman also calls out china for cyber-attacks. china has denied the allegations and is pointing the finger instead at the united states. >>> looking for a new place to work? still ahead where hundreds of jobs are up for grabs in the bay area and will even help pay your grocery bill. >> if you did not like rain today i'll let you know when sunshine is coming back. if you did like the rainfall today, a couple of showers still in the south bay on high- d
in to the kron 4 news room this terrible tragedy on a china highway, with a explosion. details, coming up. >> the oakland police department is dealing with compliance. the reforms put in place that were meant to change the structure have not been completed they say that they expressed concern that they do not this came from a police misconduct. the officer pulled a gun on a sleeping baby they recognized immediately that the baby did not pose a threat. >> this story has captivated a nation. next at eight. the man who duped a college football star into thinking he had a girlfriend. who didn't really exist. b reaks the man behind the manti te'o - fake girlfriend hoax.breaking his silence.exclusively today on kron-4. doctor phil sitting down with roniah tuiasosopo. the 22-year-old mastermind saying he was in love with te'o - the notre dame football star.and tuiosopo's lies just spiraled out of control. >> i tried everything to end this and that nothing worked. >> he also said te'o knew nothing about the hoax. and there's still a lot more. part two of the roniah tuiososopo interview will air t
struck adale with a nonprofit group to expand hours at china camp and tamales bay. the parks will see expanded hours. it was a year ago the partnership was formed to raise funds to keep china camp from being closed altogether but the effort has grown to a new size to allow today's announcement that all three parks will be operated through the partnership >>> marin state parks association took advantage of a newly passed law that put a freeze on closures after the discovery of more than $50 million the state parks department had squirrels away. today's ceremony will celebrate a new agreement with the national park service that will keep samuel t.taylor park open. >> now to home invasion robbery. it happened in noe valley. the story from reporter tomas ramon. >> there was no forced entry that we know of. >> he is the coordinator here in noe valley. he has known the victim who has lived in the house for more than 25 years. >> he has encounters with other house guests that threaten and hurt them. this is not an isolated incident. >> san francisco police are calling the incident thursday n
worldwide and china denies the allegations. >>> they could have a key issue as cia director, democratic senators are providing full access to full classified opinions on when to use drone strikes but they are dealing with republican senators behind closed doors to provide more information on the attacks on the american consulate in benghazi. >>> the sequester is just eight days a week and kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, these cuts will hurt more than our federal employees. >> reporter: everyone has to cut 10% and you don't have to be one of the two federal civilian employees nationwide to be hurt by sequester tracing. -- by the sequester. if it goes into effect, that means there will be fewer internal revenue service operators and many things will be reduced. if you fly for work or vacation the number of tsa workers will be slashed and expect an additional hour to be tacked on to your weight times they will have to cut back on immunizations for 50,000 people and if they can agree on a long term spending plan they will have a reduction but right now republicans r
of course is in china. 5,000 years old. but the second one is here in san francisco where they have been celebrating chinese new year since the gold rush. now, this is the largest chinese new year's parade outside of china. and it's considered one of the top ten parades in the world according to the promoters of this parade. 100 units will file by here tonight before it's over. i have been here for a couple of hours to get off market street on the way to chinatown and when they get there there will be one big finale where they explode the finale of some 600,000 firecrackers. so it's a big night tonight. and this parade will draw about a million people. good night for it, good time ahead, so let's see what it brings. >> thank you, don. don will have more on the parade when it's in full swing at 6:30. >>> well, a new crane is going to pick up where the toppled bay bridge crane left off. what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it fell over. that metal piece was part of bridg
of hackers.targeting u.s. interests. the company dismisses china's denials that the report is 'baseless.' looking 12-story building in shanghai is actually the headquarters of the hackers. military experts believe the hacking unit is part of the people's liberation army.andunder the direct command of china's version of the joint chiefs of staff. china has long been accused of hacking and stealing trade secrets -- and has always >> catherine: masked thieves made off with 50-million dollars worth of diamonds at an airport in brussels, belgium. this is the scene.where investigators now are wondering if it was an inside job. an airport spokesman says it took 8 thieves just three minutes to grab the diamonds from the cargo hold of a plane. the diamonds were being flown to switzerland. the thieves arrived in two cars -- got past a security gate - and sped off after grabbing the diamonds. they were heavily armed - but no shots were fired. >> we are dealing with scattered showers. as we take a look at the self some snowfall. and a lightning strike and the south bay rainfall over high 101 and ne
linked several high-profile cyber-attacks to china. the report claims the chinese military is behind an ongoing attempt to hack american companies and government offices. >> the united states has substantial and growing concerns about the threats to u.s. economic and national security posed by cyber- intrusions. >> chinese officials deny the allegations and say they have been the victims of u.s. hackers. >>> apple says it's been hacked. malicious software infected a small number of mac computers at apple offices. the attack is similar to the one facebook acknowledged last week. in both cases, the attacks took advantage of flaws in the java plug-in for web browsers. both apple and facebook said the hackers did not access any data. >>> the latest federal budget showdown is heating up as an end of the month deadline looms. now, if a budget agreement isn't reached the government will face spending cuts march 1. president obama issued a stern warning to congress yesterday saying sequestration would result in a lot of lost jobs. lawmakers are currentl
elaborada dicen proviene de la china y lo mas barato es hecho aqui...dijeron que el consumidor tambien corre riesgo con estos productos pues las tintas y calidad de los productos no es controlada. como lo escucharon aqui en el area de la bahia son mas de 300 mil dolares los que se confiscaron en mercancia,per o a nivel nacional el monto sube a 13 millones y medio de dolares....con esta informacion me despido... cesar ---en el deporte siempre existen las supersticiones... take vo ---conforme se acerca el gran juego, aumenta la especulacion sobre si existe una especie de maldicion contra los 49ers en el super domo de nueva orleans... ---esto porque varios jugadores que han disputado partidos en ese campo resultaron lesionados durante la temporada regular... ---"kyle williams y kendall hunter", ambos sufrieron lesiones que acabaron con su temporada cuando los niners jugaron contra los santos de nueva orleans el pasado 25 de noviembre... topvo blanca ---mientras que el apoyo hacia el equipo de la bahia se demuestra de muchas formas. ---un duo de artistas ha decidido mostrar su orgullo por el oro
january, we finally had some wet weather pass through the area today. we took these pictures in china town, just a light drizzle, but enough to bring out the rain coat and umbrellas. we may see more rain before the night is out. >>> that's right. the rain showers have been developing this evening twochlt weeks of dry weather -- 2 weeks of dry weather coming to an end today. nothing too impressed. you can see about a hundredth of an inch toward livermore, san jose, 2 hundreds of an inch. >> as you can see, on live storm tracker 2, some more activity and coverage developing. we'll begin up toward the north bay, the darker shades mean some accumulation for us. >> rainfall rate do pick up around daily city. >> moving parallel to the cost line right around half moon bay. >> the chance of a few thunderstorms, coming up for part of your friday, it will be dry and changes for your weekend. >>> happening now, san jose mayor was set to begin his speech just about 5 minutes ago. he's expected to pitch his sales tax increase to fund raises to city employees after years of frozen wages. ktv's reporter
labor, in many parts of china factories lure them with promises of internships or temporary assignments, often using forged documents, their movements are also restricted, the require limited stands and the freedom to leave. >>> if love is blind it might also be broke after that. americans plan to spend 18.6 billion dollars to show their affection. men will account for 2/3 of that and averages out to $131 per love struck consumer. as always the big sellers are expecteded to be candy, flowers and jewelry. >>> today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we are following multiple developing stories right now, tracking down more information on the man arrested for plotting to blow up a bank and also expect to learn about the man arrested and accused of killing a 13-year-old fairfield girl. >>> those stories and more at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. be join sure to join us at 5:00. we are always here at ktvu.com and mobile ktvu.com. send comments to comments@captioncolorado.com captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. ao
china to the people in san francisco. let's celebrate and grow together. >> that is awesome. thank you for joining us here at the asian art museum in san francisco. this opens up on february the 22nd. it's a can't miss event. let's get to the weather maps. as we are upon the new year here in the san francisco bay area. we did have snow of our own back here last night and also early this morning down to 500 feet of rain snow mix and a dusting of snow across the santa cruz mountains. those of you in the fremont hills, we get a rain-snow mix. let's advance to the weather maps. we have the blizzard in the northeast, producing 1 to 3 feet of snow. if you are headed that way, do expect major delays. meanwhile, for tonight, we are expecting temperatures that are going to be dropping down in to the 20s and the 30s, areas of patchy frost for the north bay and east bay and like lg ice on the roads. this exhibit, once again, it's out here at the asian art museum of san francisco, you can come out this sunday, even to the museum while it's not open just yet. the exhibit, you can enjoy the fest act
francisco china can town, financial district and north beach. the new year run started at 8:00 this morning. you can see the runners on the embarcadero. shut down several streets and caused some gridlock. parparticipanted ranged from the serious to silly. >> another lady is from the seem group we are. >> just cheering us on. that was the best part. getting to the finish line. it's not easy. >> ama: runners hen headed 0 a festival. the race winner were announced and everybody celebrated the year of the snake. and fortunately it was today before the weather gets cold. >> leigh: you're exactly right. just hanging on to the nice sunshine we're seeing out there right now. because, yeah, feels like spring the past four or five days. winter returns tomorrow and tuesday. the live doppler 7 hd showing you clear sky out there right now. here's another look at another vantage point from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera, and all of us down four or five degrees. santa rosa, 65. concord, 65. 63 in san jose. and monterey, only 55 degrees. more of an onshore wind component today. right now, san fra
announcement just a day after a secrecy firm set china's military may be behind a hacking ring involving 140 u.s. companies. attorney general says it has a far reaching affect. >> companies in silicon valley added over 42,000 jobs recording a growth rate more than three times that of u.s. economy as a whole. as any corporate leaders in this room can attest, this is a double edged sword. >> white house insists this is not linked to any specific government but says it will apply trade sanctions to discourage any trade secrets theft. >> families of high school students being warned after a eh a blood infection. a 27-year-old diagnosed and it affects the blood. the prints pal alerted them to that infection. officials say there is no outbreak. >> the disease is spread by close contact, me coughing right on you. it's not spread across the room. >> and the doctor posted information symptoms include high fear, vomiting and a stiff neck.[yq we're told the student is doing better. >> police looking for more witnesses and other possible victims in the case of a ta tae kwondo of instructor. he is free on
by europeans but with a growing market in china and canada. >>> today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, the immigration debate heats up today in the south bay. we will be there for a big rally and march planed for san jose, plus an exclusive ktvu field pole reveals a shift in california's position on this hot button issue. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks, we are always here for you on ktvu.com and mobile ktvu.com. send comments to comments@captioncolorado.com captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
china or from this other part of the world and -- >> i'll get it for you. >> reporter: how? you have experience. >> lots of experience. you have to be connected in terms of who you know and where you go. you have to be legal in terms of the paperwork and all that stuff. >> reporter: there are some of the most common orchids at the show. >> the most beautiful. actually, this is one of our best, the beauty award from taiwan. taiwan is the sponsor of the year's show. we're really glad to have them. most of these different looking ones that you see, that you'll see in your kmarts in about a year are the new easy to grow hybrids. >> bruce, thank you very much. >> bob, a lot of fun. you didn't come here for the orchids. >> reporter: no, i got these on the bottom of my shoes. john, i want to congratulate you on that arrangement you did. i know you're a big florist. i didn't know you were that good. the show runs saturday and sunday. you can go to orchidssan francisco.org. the first year for the orchid expo, the largest of its kind in north america. >> i appreciate the love. that arrangement
celebration continues tonight here in san francisco. here you see this china town usa2012. her successor will be crowned tonight in a black tie ball in union square. good weather tomorrow could bring out as many as 1.2 million people to enjoy the parade. their advise this year is to take public transit. get here around noon and be prepared to stick around a little later to enjoy the party and the streets after the parade concludes. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and again you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu at 6:00 tomorrow night. i'll be cohosting along with ben fong torrez. we hope you will join us. >>> tonight we got a look at just how much money school area districts will get under governor jerry brown's proposal to boost school spending. essentially here's how it will work. each school district will get a base amount of money per student. however the governor's new equation includes extra funding for districts with a large number of low income students, foster children, or kids who are learning english. >>> the state departmen
to zig-zag through downtown, over to union square, and then wrap up in china town but the proceed just started so suspect traffic to be snarled up for quite a while. reporting live in downtown san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: looks like so much fun. and in redwood city, hundreds of people packed courthouse square to ring in the lunar near -- new year. a lions dance kicked off the celebrations. >>> just ahead, the tall ships sail should the bay area. why they're here and how you can gate look. >> another spectacular saturday. look at the view outside. what's ahead for sunday? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: cal and st. mary's inching closer to an ncaa tournament bin. and ryan vogelsong took the hill to kick off giants cactus league >> ama: san francisco's water front has two new tall visitors, the lady washington and the steel-hulled hawai'i yap chieftan. people 16 and older can actually learn the art of how to sail a tall ship. the ships will be at the pier through wednesday, and maybe the weather will hold. >> leigh: we had a lot of wind today, gusting out of the
helped broker peace between israel and egypt, established diplomatic relations with china and signed a treaty of soviet union to scale down the number of nuclear weapons in the world. he won the nobel peace prize in 2002. >>> coming up next at 6:00, a report from around the world after a shooting rampage that rocked their community. tonight, how the team of newtown, connecticut, are saying thank you. >>> also, if you visited the pump recently, the gas prices are sky high. >>> we saw a warmer finish to the weekend around the bay area. highs today did reach the upper 60s in parts of the north santa rosa. 52 around san jose. before we see temperatures warm even warmer in the 70s we've got that system you're looking at right there that may toss a few showers our way early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast when we come right back. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and so
, today, kfc is launching a campaign to rebuild its brand in china. kfc has 4,000 restaurants in china. the biggest fast-food chain in china. customers started to stay away after television reported some of the suppliers violated rules and used drugs to fatten up chickens. sales in china fell more than a third. the company says it will stress strict management and they will drop any supplier that does not follow the rules. >>> the bay area has a big presence on the "sought today's" miss of 100 restaurants -- on the "usa today's" miss of 100 restaurants on the list. the french laundry is number one. seven other local restaurants on that very special list. >>> all right. it is 7:53. we'll have a check on traffic and weather -- next on "mornings on 2." you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea
years. blue prints were unveiled at a new york museum. it will be built in china. 40,000 peep have expressed interest in buying tickets. they will dress in period costumes and dine from the same menu. palmer said apparently, with a straight face that one of the benefits of global warming is that there are not as many icebergs in the north atlantic and he promises to have enough life boats. >> two officers shot? san tan cruise, we will go back to breaking news after the break. >> an update on the breaking news, live scenes, live pictures from the nbc chopper. two officers have been shot and taken to the hospital, no word on their conditions. there are reports that a third person may have also been shot of course it looks like they have brought in an armored vehicle. it happened not far from the santa cruz board walk. the man hunt is on for the suspect. if fbi has now joined in on the man hunt. we will have the latest coming up. see you then. thanks. >>> on our broadcast tonight, ready or not. we're now within 72 hours of those drastic budget cuts across the american economy, and the
to the airport can be nerve wracking for anyone but a government official in china took it to a new level. check out this flight video on youtube, a top level government official and the family missed their flight not once, but twice, when the flight crew would not let them board the official smash computer equipment and they tried to bash in a gate door. police were called and he was arrested. he has since apologized but police are still considering charges. >> so it is not just here at american airports where you see air rage. >> people behaving badly. >> nice bangs. >> you noticeed! >> now the forecast. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows across the entire state, nevada, arizona, utah, part of oregon, everyone is dry this morning. if you are headed out watch out for the cloud cover that is moving in, a sprinkle is trying to november at 54 today, and we will have mid-60's to 70 from chico, sacramento and frees me and high clouds and sunshine at monterey at 61. and no snow in yosemite and low-to-mid 70's around palm springs and san diego. >> back to the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking light ou
after an explosion in china. a truck carrying fireworks exploded on a highway bridge. the blast was so powerful it destroyed part of the bridge and sent a dozen vehicles 100 feet to the ground. earlier reports 26 people dead have been changed to nine people killed. fireworks explosions are common in china especially during this time of year. chinese new year is next weekend. jessica? >>> thank you very much, janel. still ahead at 6:00, trying to quell contraception concerns. what the obama administration is promising to do. >> guess who is in town. recognize him and her? al roker with a little star power. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. great to see christina out there with al. you can see temperatures for saturday. they're going to be cooling off. cloud cover increasing for those interior valleys. if you're planning a barbecue here in the bay on sunday for the super bowl, here is that barbecue forecast. temperatures that are going to be cooling off into the upper 50s with a little bit of cloud cover. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real
violence and faces up to a year in jail. >>> in china, they are trying to raise participation over bad publicity and poor working conditions. china makes apple's i pad and they have been complaining about the conditions at the work facilities and now they are allowing them to elect union rep tis. >>> 49ers -- union rep tis. >>> the so called dynamite spectacular could happen within weeks for the 49ers game next season. they plan to turn the candle stick site into a retail residential and office complex. >>> warriors and the san francisco giants are reportedly working out their differences over plans over a new pro basketball arena and that's due in part to mayor ed lee acting as a immediate waiter -- mediator. they are planning on moving when their leasings buyers in oakland. giants are worried about traffic problems that were caused because it is so close to at&t park. >>> muhammed ali's daughter is denying reports that he is near death. she said the boxing legend was watching the super bowl at home and was even wearing a jersey and they quoted him saying the former heavyweight champi
in northern china. the city celebrated the lunar new year this way for more than 500 years. >> how is he not catching on fire, is my question. >> because he's been doing it for so long they know how to avoid it. >> apparently. >> like a flare. >> it looks a little dangerous. >> it's not that hot maybe. i'm rooming the dice here. i don't know. >> they're being hit. >> they're being hit but they don't care. it's a tradition. people in china and most asian countries are celebrating the first lunar year, the year of the blackwater snake lasts until january 31st of last year. >> not just a snake, a blackwater snake. >> interesting. >> now we know. >> if you can't have rain, might as well enjoy the sunshine. >> second half of the week looks warmer. clouds and cooling next weekend. dry. seven-day forecast. >> thanks for watching "nbc bay area news." ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >
the world. that's in china where buddhist monks tolled the bells. more than 35,000 people have signed a petition asking president obama to make the start of the lunar new year a national holiday. billions of people worldwide support the lunar new year which is a time to return home to visit family. here in san francisco china town will celebrate the year of the snake a week from saturday with a chinese new year parade. the parade which is known for the elaborate floats and costumes dates back to the 1860s. it is considered the largest celebration outside of asia. and you can watch it with us right here on february 23rd. ktvu channel 2 starting at 6:00. we'll all be there. >> we will be there. >>> time now 6:49. sal is here right now. if you are watching the roads what are you focused on? >> we're look agent the east -- we're looking at the east bay to start off. this is where the east bay turns into south bay. 237 it is slow as well. so it's kind of a typical monday morning as we get slow here in the south bay. and also in the east bay southbound 880. let's talk about livermore valley
are being held around the world. now in china buddhist monks toed bells and chanted to welcome the year of the snake. more than 35,000 people in the u.s. have signed a petition. they are asking president obama to make the start of the lunar new year a national holiday. billions of people world-wide celebrate the lunar new year. it's traditionally a time to return home to visit family. >>> san francisco china town will celebrate the year of the snake next saturday with the famous chinese new year parade. that parade known for its elaborate floats and costumes dates back to the 1860s. it's considered the biggest celebration of chinese culture outside of asia. you can of course watch the parade right here on ktvu beginning at 6:00 p.m. and as sal knows we're all going to be in the parade as well. and ktvu will bring it all to you. sal, i will be standing right behind you as the people are screaming sal, sal. >> i will be having fun again. >>> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have. dave mentioned we are doing pretty well and i would second that. traffic is looking good
to expand hours at china camp, the bay and the other state park. the park will now see expanded hours. >> a year ago the partnership was formed to raise matching funds to keep china camp from being closed completely. effort grew in size to allow today's announcement that all three parks will be operated through the partnership. the marin state park association took advantage of a newly passed law that put a freeze on closers after the discovery of $50 million the state parks department had in hidden accounts. >>> and there will be a new agreement with the national park service that will keep samuel taylor state park open. now to a home invasion robbery with a hatchet. it happened in an area of the city where that kind of crime is not expected. the story from abc7 news reporter thomas ramone. >> he let him in. there was no forced entry that we know of. >> he said he's known the victim who lived in this house for more than 25 years. >> he's had encounters with other houseguests who have threatened and hurt him. so this is not -- this is not an isolated incident. >> san francisco police
and state officials made a deal with a nonprofit group to expand hours at china camp, the tomalus bay and the other state parks. the park will now see expanded hours. >> a year ago the partnership was formed to raise matching funds to keep china camp from being closed completely. the effort grew in size to allow today's announcement that all three parks will be operated through the partnership. the marin state park association took advantage of a newly passed law that put a freeze on closers after the discovery of more than $50 million the state parks department had in hidden accounts. they will celebrate a new agreement with the national park service that will deep samuel taylor state park open. >>> now to a home invasion robbery with a hatchet. it happened in an area of the city where that kind of crime is not expected. the story from abc7 news reporter thomas ramone. >> he let him in. there was no forced entry that we know of. >> he said he's known the victim who lived in this house for more than 25 years. >> he's had encounters with other houseguests who have threatened and hurt h
of hacking, google chairman eric schmidt calls china the world's number one hacker in his new book called "the new digital age." it's due out in april. and in it schmidt says cyber attacks from china are damaging to america's economy. >> another tech heavy hitter is talking. microsoft chairman bill gates is not satisfied with microsoft especially when it comes to cell phones. nonetheless he gave current ceo steve balm aerovote of can ha confidence saying the future looks good for the company that he started. >>> future oyster prices could be decided this week. the owner of the oyster company will be in court this weak to fight a federally imposed order to close the business. if the court does not grant an injunction, drake's bay will have to close by march 15th. some believe that will lead to higher oyster prices, lower quality and impact the environment because the tra transportation needed to import oysters here to the bay area. drake's supplies 40% of california's oysters. >> california's fishing industry appears to be on the upswing. fishermen are enjoying bigger hauls and raking in m
are preparing food and lots of it. >> reporter: families in china host dumpling making parties to celebrate the new year's eve. they carry on the centuries old tradition. >> you have to make your own. and you do it together. >> reporter: she teaches how to make jiaozi or pot stickers. and it is harder than what it looks. >> there's two holes in it. >> reporter: they are members of the better china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolisms. >> it is shaped like a gold nugget. indicating prosperity. >> they came for a taste of the chinese culture and dumpling cuisine. >> reporter: the new year is the year of the snake. one of the 12 zodiacs in the calendar. some say it is good news for finances, but snakes include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1921 and september 11 in 2001. some plan to slither from that. >> move with caution. just like a snake. they are very cautious. >> reporter: whenever you think of the year of the snake it does start on sunday. happy chinese new year. in san fra
challenging in asia, china, latin america, and africa. >> this part of the world has been hurt and the challenge is, really, trying to figure out what the first things are he will do. >> her book titled "prague winter a personal story of remembrance and war." dan ashley will speak with secretary albright today at the commonwealth club. >> mattel hopes to bridge the gap between certain women and fast cars. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg report. >> the daytona 500 is this weekend and general motors is helping danica patrick looking to racing to improve product development hoping to bring more attention where it needs it, engineering better cars. mattel's match boxcars of $1 billion a year business and teaming up with mommy bloggers to get them to understand boy toys. moms have a disconnect for their sons for toy cars and will dedicate the website to them. >> the deadline is looming for automatic spending cuts to kick in march 1. a program that could be impacted is a government nutrition program called "wic." it allows kid in low income families to get free healthy food.
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